Movtive Power in the Gibson Yard

round House Around the Roundhouse
View is looking southeast into the Gibson Terminal roundhouse, with the turntable on the left side of the photo. IHB workers are gathered around a SW 1500 (former Seaboard Lines) which has just been pulled out of the roundhouse bay. Visible in the right foreground is a hump trailer/slug on the track #8 lead to the turntable.

Slug Slug
Power Booster unit PB3, rebuilt in January 1977 from IHB 8823 (NW2 originally built in 1949). View is looking southwest on track #3.

BU54 Booster Unit
Booster Unit BU54 (1200 HP) is one of six BUs converted from IHB NW2s and SW7s between 1987 and 1989. View is looking north on track #8, with B&B/Mechanics shop in the background.

parts Body shell Parts, two SW hoods and a cab
Body shell of IHB 9006 (SW9 1200 HP built 1953) in earlier IHB livery sitting on a flat car, with engine grilles in front of body. View is looking northwest on track #10. Roundhouse lead track (#3 runner) is in foreground.

no.8780 No. 8780
Engine 8780 (NW2 1000 HP built 1949) in earlier IHB livery pulling a string of hoppers westward on IHB's mainline. View was shot on the north edge of the Gibson Terminal. In the background is the Hammond branch line (Shell Lead).

no.8787 No. 8787 & 8875
Engines 8787 (NW2 1000HP built 1949), 8875 (SW7 1200 HP built 1950) and PB3 (see "slug" information above). View is looking southeast on track #3. The Gibson Terminal sand and fuel towers are visible behind the units, as well as the end of the roundhouse.

no.8835 No. 8835 & 8774
Engines 8835 (SW7 1200 HP ordered as a NW2, but built as a SW7 in 1949) and 8774 (NW2 1000 HP built 1949) in earlier IHB livery. View is looking due south from the Store House Lead platform towards track #1.

no.9008 No. 9008
Engine 9008 (SW9 1200 HP built 1953) on turntable spur between north end of roundhouse and auxilliary buildings.

no.1501 Ex SP SW1500 no. 1501
View looking north on track #8, with sand towers and B&B/Mechanics Shop in the background.

no.1503 Ex SP SW1500 no. 1503
View looking north on track #8, with sand towers in background.

no.15xx Ex SCL SW1500
View looking south at track #1. IHB 2921 (SD 40-2?) is on track #2 and a switcher hood in in forground between cars and track #1.

All photo's by J.D. McKibben

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